How We Work

Everyone celebrate life through creativity and togetherness.

To make art happen.

…providing spaces for you to make and present your art…
…designing events for you to experience art…
…creating ways for you to hang out with your community…
…working with others.


Lot19 declared a state of Climate Emergency in 2020. This means that we acknowledge the unsustainability of life as it has been lived, and that we need to make changes to secure a sustainable future.

Every managerial and practical decision made in the running of Lot19 needs to be run through this lens, ensuring that we make sustainable choices as a matter of policy. Lot19 is built from recycled materials wherever possible. Otherwise, plantation or reclaimed materials have been used, ethical choices are made at each step. Founder and Owner of the site, Mark Anstey’s industry knowledge as a builder and furniture maker has informed these choices in his role as architect and builder of Lot19. Lot19 is powered by 100% green power, with solar feeding into the grid. Over 400 trees and extensive gardens have been planted and nurtured during the development of the site.


Lot19 is committed to sincere and meaningful reconciliation that is led by Indigenous peoples of this land.

Lot19 has a long and ongoing relationship with Dja Dja Wurrung Elder Auntie Julie McCale, and Katherine Coff, CEO of Nalderun, a service supporting the Aboriginal Community led by Aboriginal people. Lot19 also has an ongoing creative partnership with Indigenous arts organisations Agency (Vic/NT) and Durrmu Arts Centre (NT). Our leadership staff are undertaking important protocol training with Nalderun to ensure ethical development of these presentations. We pay the rent.

Creative Direction

Our Creative Executive is responsible for the over-arching creative direction of Lot19. It includes the Founder and selected members of the Board. This group is informed by members of the Studio and Workshop community and our broader networks.

Mark Anstey – founder, creator, builder, ideas, kindness
Jane Goodrich – leader, relationships, designer, care
Oakies – producer, provocateur, assembler, perception
Eliza-Jane Gilchrist – maker, supporter, coordinator, generosity
Ella Hughes – artisan, administrator, governance, ally, gentleness
Fionna Allan – writer, promoter, connector, organiser, thoughtfulness

1. Taking care of country, working with respect, looking after our infrastructure, and our people.
2. Guaranteeing our studios, gallery, Tram, stages, and precinct are satisfying the needs of artists and audiences (infrastructure, engagement, tenancies)
3. Creating opportunities that bring people together (IDYLL, sculpture, party, whatever else!)
4. Working hard to make more art happen. (fundraising, relationships, partnerships)
5. Advocate for art, kindness and compassion (advocacy, relationships, values, media, promotion)

Lot19 Board

Our board was founded to oversee the behind-the-scenes operations of Lot19 and to guide us safely into the future

Mark Anstey
Director & Chair

Lot19 Founder, furniture-maker, boat builder and maker of fine things in wood.

Mark began his professional life as a registered nurse, but gave his creative self the lead, and has been a thriving furniture maker for the past 25 years… Mark bought the land where LOT19 now stands in 2001 and over the ensuing 20 years has built the 21 studios, gallery, stages, commercial kitchen and auxiliary structures – all with council approval – funding the establishment of LOT19 through his creative work as a maker. Mark then designed, funded and ran the multi-platform arts program at LOT19 for the next 15 years, gauging what worked, improving and experimenting. In an important succession planning step and to consolidate the future of LOT19, Mark recently initiated the formation of Lot 19 Creations Ltd and appointed a Board of Directors.

The Board will eventually inherit Lot19 so that it can continue to serve the people as a not-for-profit community asset, with artists at its heart. Mark formalised his knowledge about arts management, arts infrastructure modelling, arts as industry frameworks, business strategy, economic development strategy and partnerships through serving on the Castlemaine State Festival Board and Goods Shed Development Sub-Committee for 8 years. He is a passionate philanthropist and maker of things, and often refers to his gnarly hands as his ‘weapons of mass construction’.

Emmaline Macartney Director & Secretary

Artist, Creative Producer
Emmaline is an inter-disciplinary producer and contemporary artist with a background of studies in performance art, community cultural development and theology. Emmaline is dedicated to the animation of arts and cultural practices and she views this as a vital tool for crafting sustainable lifestyles and communities.

Jon Anstey

Jon has 25 years of experience as a lawyer, executive and leader in 20+ countries, including 10 years with the United Nations, Shell and BP in Europe and Asia. He has built and led teams globally in law, strategy, policy, regulation, and innovation, with a focus on water, climate, carbon, energy and finance. Jon has extensive governance experience as chair, treasurer, secretary and director in the art, environment, health, sport, and resources sectors – including at the Arena Theatre Company, Australian Conservation Foundation and the Victorian Healthcare Association. He holds five post-graduate qualifications, in governance, finance, investment, climate and international relations.

Suzanne Donisthorpe Director

Arts Broadcaster and Journalist, Creative Collaborator
Suzanne has been an arts broadcaster for over 30 years, working on the various incarnations of the books and arts programs at ABC Radio National… She also worked for a number of years with the sculptor Frank Veldze on a range of creative projects. Her novel Getting Up was published by Pan MacMillan in 2013. Since leaving the ABC in 2015, Suzanne has been closely involved with the local Castlemaine Public radio station MAINfm. She presented the award winning ArtSwank program and worked as the Program Manager and Board member. She currently presents two arts and current affairs shows- Hear Say and The Shout Out. She is honoured to be a member of the wonderful arts community of Castlemaine and the creative heart that is Lot 19.

Jane Goodrich

Social Enterprise Founder, Organiser, Adventurer

Jane is passionate about working with local creative people and groups.

She is a very proud founding member of Castlemaine Circus Inc., and has strong connections to other local groups such as the Castlemaine State Festival, Xtreme Inc Youth Projects, No Lights No Lycra, the Castlemaine Artists Market and Rural Australians for Refugees. Her wide-ranging skillset extends from being a Board Director of Maldon District Community Bank to being co-founder and co-coordinator of the biennial Castlemaine Billy Cart Challenge, the steepest (and best!) Billy Cart Race in Australia. Jane loves playing indoor and outdoor games, kite flying, books and sharing meals with friends.


Accessibility Lot19 has complied with Windarring Disability Access – Risk Assessment Process enabling collaborations with the disability community.

Infrastructure: gallery, theatre, tram, main stage, bar, cafe and 2 toilets are all wheelchair accessible, with approved ramps and turnaround areas. Studios have approved wheelchair access, including the open access studios Castlemaine Clay and Castlemaine Press. There are standard tactile indicators to indicate entrances, exits and steps. Signage and pathways are well lit. Dedicated disabled access carparks onsite. Lot19 strives to better understand, support and respond to needs within the disability community. Lot19 delivers mentoring, workshops, exhibitions and interactive events with the disability community.

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