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Wordspoken: Noa Dakota, Derry Doyle, Ezra Demcy

Jul 27th @ 7:30 pm 9:30 pm

WORDSPOKEN: Spoken Word in the W-Class Tram

Join us at LOT 19 for the next edition of WORDSPOKEN. This edition is a celebration of magic of oral tradition, and not-so-tradition.

Local creatives Noa Dakota , Derry Doyle and Ezra Demchy make up this not-to-be-missed triple bill of local creation. Immerse yourself in the magic of language and a celebration of human stories. An honouring of the present moment, this is lo-fi, lo-lit evening designed to tickle the corners of your mind that you didn’t even know you’d left to catch dust.

Noa Dakota ~ Intrepid with her wanderings and her words, Noa Dakota has always found some kind of solace in and with the written word. A desire to return more deeply to self-expression found her writing poetry daily for a good four and a half years, before adopting a slightly less fixed but still near daily practice. Fascinated by poetry’s capacity to tell much with little, Noa writes stream of consciousness to explore the poetry of everyday existence.

Derry Doyle is the fly on the wall that rummages for romance in the mundane and spins yarns with a fiercely Australian tongue. He swears like a saint, is sensitive as a sailor, and never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

Ezra Demchy ~ An honest to god shape from the 17th dimension. Ezra the Messenger makes his own beats, rhymes, breakfast, lunch and dinner. An unmistakable talent, you’ll be kicking rocks if you miss him. So, if god be willing and the river don’t rise, he will see you at Lot19 on the 27th of July!

Snacks & drinks available for purchase.


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